Saturday, March 12, 2016

gong gong’s home

After 15 days in the hospital, Gong Gong comes home, on March 10.

Here he is with us, celebrating the start of Birthday Season (mine, Jo and Lu).


He’s usually clad in his pyjamas, but specially changed into this snazzy blue and yellow shirt for the photo.

How’s that lump?

The doctors are still unclear. They label it a hemorrhagic cyst in his discharge report, but essentially it’s a sac of non-cancerous something stuck to his lung. Could be blood, or fluid, or whatever, I’m not a doctor.

He has to see a cardio-thoracic surgeon to talk about how to deal with it later, probably cut it out by hook or by crook. It’s still there and he’s now psychologically traumatized because he knows there’s something there.

How is he otherwise?

He’s easily breathless. He can’t bound up and down the stairs anymore, he pants after a while, spends most of his time watching TV in his massage chair. 

Good thing is he’s regained his appetite and eats more rice than I do at dinnertime.

What I find most astounding is the bill.

For a 15-day stay in hospital inclusive of food and medical care and treatments (class B2), it came up to over $12k. But we don’t have to pay a cent after deductions.

Zero dollar.

On that, I feel I can breathe a little easier, for the future.


Angelyn McCormack said...

please get a detailed health check. My dad passed away 3 weeks ago from ipf: He was healthy, exercised and ate well. It was his first hospital admission and he passed away after 10 days in the hospital. Please take care and do all the checks you can.

rachel said...

good to hear that your dad is out of hospital!

Sher said...

thanks for the comments... dad is following up with a cardio-thoracic surgeon, and he's undergone loads of checks. we'll see how it goes.