Sunday, March 20, 2016

jo’s 10

Jo turns 10 this year. She will never be a single-digit, ever again. (Things like these don’t matter to Day)

She wanted her birthday to be special.

I was ready for it, and I asked her months before: A birthday party, finally with friends instead of family? Perhaps a treasure hunt for her friends who are all a bit geeky?

She couldn’t decide. I think she just didn’t dare to have a birthday party with other people, she hates the spotlight. Then she will also say she just didn’t have the time to think about it. (“I have no time” is her mantra these days)

So in the end we head to our favourite haunt at the gardens.


And just like that Zoo birthday which she remembers even today (for the dismal melted cake pop), it wasn’t quite the Perfect Do and it probably wasn’t as special as she wanted it to be.

One, we were supposed to cycle to the Gardens from home early in the morning, be amongst the first to get a McDonalds pancake breakfast at 830am, and be amongst the first to gaze upon the sakuras when the dome opens at 930am. The garden is very much nicer when there’s no one else around. Unfortunately, the night before was a late one. Jo had to grab a Macs breakfast from near our house, and we drove to the Gardens.

Two, when we arrived I realized I forgot my camera. I had to use the mobile phone. Jo knows the mobile phone photos suck. Jo also loves photos.

Three, when I took the first few photos of her near the entrance with the sakuras, the sun was shining bright and she couldn’t un-squint her eyes. Then the cycle started. 


Because she couldn’t take a nice photo, she started to tear and because she started to tear, her eyes turned red and puffy and then it became impossible to take a nice photo, and she cried some more, and then I got frustrated when nothing worked and left her behind.

* Photographing Lulu instead

Eventually, the tears cleared, and the day thankfully went on its merry way. 



There were tons of flowers to admire and our trip ended with a rousing performance from a US navy band.

It was also impossible not to cheer up a bit when Lulu spotted this plant and asked if it was a pin-oos.


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