Friday, March 18, 2016

lu’s 8

This will be the birthday Lu remembers as the one where I left for Nepal on the day itself.

On 18th March, she along with her siblings woke up bright and early at 6am to send Mama off at Terminal 2.

* Lu saying Bye to me on her birthday

Of course she didn’t want me to go. I hate Nepal, she said.

But I made sure each girl got her own little outing before I left.

Lu was typically certain.

She declared that she wanted to go to the Night Safari with her family. “No friends, please,” she stated. “Can’t I just go out with my family?” She remembers going to the night zoo last year and she must have enjoyed it enough to want to return.


She was also very determined about her heart’s desire: “Can I have a purple sleeping bag please? The fat puffy kind?”

I was very puzzled. What would she want with a sleeping bag meant for alpine cold? And since she gave me just a few day’s grace – a few days during which I spent frazzled trying to clear stuff – I couldn’t get it for her. A sleeping bag is not something I can get from the neighbourhood mart.

Thankfully, she’s easy to please. The night safari and a simple present was enough.

* The Night Safari show

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