Saturday, April 23, 2016

12 and 45

KK is officially in his mid-40s, staring at the late 40s on the other side of the fence, and the boy is almost a teen, on the cusp of puberty, although genetically speaking he will likely be a late bloomer.

As usual, the Taureans don’t want a big do and we keep it simple.

Timing as always is bad as it’s near Day’s exams (it will always be for the rest of his school career), and he is still sickly.


We conduct a simple little cake-cutting ceremony at home where the talking point is the dry ice, which comes with the ice-cream cake. Day pounces on it, chucks it in a bowl, pours in hot water and wallah! We get wedding dinner effects.


* Oops

* Chopping up the rock-hard ice cream cake (too impatient to wait for softening) with a meat cleaver

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