Saturday, April 09, 2016

birthday wish bomber

Since it is very rare that Choon comes back to Singapore during his birthday month, our mother buys him a cake for his 39th birthday. We manage to drag him downstairs – “Whaaaaat??” he drones from upstairs when we summon him down – and he puts on the obligatory shirt.

We take the photos. We sing the birthday song. Choon just wants to get the whole thing over with.


Just before he blows out the candles, three big ones and nine small ones, Mum yells – Birthday wish! Birthday wish!

There’s a beat of silence.

Then Mum follows up – Get married before 40!!!

Another beat of silence. Then Lu pipes up – But… but it’s his birthday! That’s not his wish, that’s your wish!


Anonymous said...

This post made me smile. :D


Anonymous said...

LOL. Bless Lu for telling it like it is.

-- Jo