Tuesday, April 19, 2016

guzheng music

When one thinks of the Chinese harp or guzheng, this image comes to mind.


How many times have I seen Chinese princesses or dowagers or concubines in TV drama serials stroking the strings of the guzheng in a garden pavilion to entertain His Majesty, producing rivers of notes as willow trees sweep softly in the background?

Someone’s started playing the guzheng but it ain’t no princess. It’s Por Por.


I think it’s her lifelong dream to play the guzheng and what better time to start than at age 69?

She marched to the nearest Community Club – where she also happens to do taichi (with a sword) and karaoke singing – and signed up for the guzheng class. And bought a guzheng for home practice. At times when we pop over for dinner, we can hear the plucking of the strings from my old bedroom upstairs where the guzheng has been placed; not quite rivers of notes yet but pleasant enough.

* The "fingernails"

Many a time, both girls (never Day!) have been asked if they want to learn the guzheng. But both aren’t particularly keen.

* A temporary interest

* Por Por delighting Gong Gong 


Anonymous said...


Love how your family enjoys trekking, camping and music making. My family's main enjoyment has got to be stuff like othello, xiangqi, international chess, weiqi, sudoku, wii and other computer games .... You can see the adults and kids gathered around, scheming to outwit and outgame each other.


Sher said...

tts so cool! we cant seem to do the brainy stuff... hmmm.

Karmeleon said...

I've been saying I should go do erhu or something. Maybe something smaller and not to do with a bow would be better - like a Ruan, eh? hhahah. But most of these CC classes are in the evening - sian. I'm free in the mornings, leh. :(

Sher said...

true. they're mostly in the evenings. morning CC classes are usually yoga / pilates / zumba type classes.

Karmeleon said...

Yeah, I know bc my violist boy used to learn Dizi at the CC. hahahh. When he was in primary school. And we saw all sorts of chinese instrument classes going on at the same time too. He really enjoyed his time there talking to all the uncles as well, I think! I actually thot it was good for him to practise his mandarin. LOL.