Tuesday, April 05, 2016

jo rock climbs

Jo climbed her first rock wall.

As with anything which requires some risk to life – like swimming – she’s slow to arrive.

But she’s finally embraced it. And she rather enjoys it.


She saw Day doing it, she attempted a couple of kiddy walls, only up to a height of about three feet (!), and through it all were lots of assurances that she can trust the safety systems put in place.

It helped that Choon was there to climb with her, shadowing her at every level and pointing out where she could put her hands and feet when she felt stuck.



Finally, KK was the one who got her to climb right to the top, by sheer dint of not allowing her to come down as he yelled at her from the side.


Which makes me realise that he has got that much more power over the kids than I do. They listen to him when it comes to overcoming the hard stuff, not to me.

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Anonymous said...

Your brother sounds awesome!!!