Thursday, April 21, 2016

national history museum

Nearly every museum around here is free for Singaporeans. Not the Lee Kong Chian History Museum, which costs a princely $16 per adult and $9 per kid to enter.

* Eva and Lu against a mural of dead bird photographs

What it is, however, is quiet and credible with no grubby kiddy exhibits and microscopes which actually work.


Located at the National University of Singapore campus in the West next to the University Cultural Centre (so far for us), it’s an academic repository where very smart people actually come to do research, and one can almost smell the intellectual vibes from hundreds of thousands of beautifully preserved and labeled animal specimens.

Lu and Eva dropped in one afternoon, there weren’t many people, possibly because of the entrance fee.

* Eva (who has made herself into a kitty cat via marker whiskers) and Lu

Even for the kids, the exhibits made for compelling viewing because so many of the strange creatures were found in Singapore. The main takeaway was that sanitised Singapore is home to a whole lot of animal life, which clearly co-exist in jungles and whatnot, invisible to most of us, and never the twain shall meet.

Some highlights:

* A fish found in the waters off East Coast Park

* Audio booths. You sink into the leathered darkness and listen to the voice. Preserved frogs at right.

* Turtle innards

* An honest-to-goodness pink dragonfly


* A relaxed monkey

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Lysithea said...

Wow, this looks very interesting! Must bring my kids there!