Monday, April 25, 2016

garden dome at night

On a whim the girls and I decided to pop into the Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome one night, after dinner.


KK and Day desisted; perhaps the male species prefer to lie around doing nothing when digestion is in progress. After dropping them home, we went on to the Gardens, which remains one of our family's favourite destinations.

We’ve been to the Gardens at night plenty of times, but never into the dome. We got out of our parked car at nearly 8pm. It’s too late for people without annual passes, because the gardens close at 9pm, but since we’ve got the annual pass with unlimited free entry that’s fine.

How we enjoyed our short hour there.

Apart from MacDonalds which was packed, the crowds had receded. The heat of day had dissipated and the open air was cool.

The dome itself was relatively empty. Much colder than in the day, yes, but the chilly air seemed much more heavily perfumed with botanical scents for some reason. Not sweet, but forest-y and musky, like dried flowers.

Outside, we could see the blinking lights from the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands, while inside twinkling fairy lights illuminated the plants and flowers.

The girls were delighted and trilled, "We're so happy we came, Mama, we're so happy!" They know atmosphere and ambience when they see it.


Best of all, it was the tulip show (Tulip Mania) which I think is one of the best flower displays, in the dome, in the year. Its on until 22 May.

* Back-lit tulips



Bottomline: I’m glad I have daughters to do these sorts of things with.

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