Monday, May 16, 2016

baby of the family

We fall easily and willingly into the trap of wanting to treat the littlest one like a baby for as long as possible. KK is particularly permissive toward Lu (although he would say it’s due more to her blur sweet harmless demeanour more than her age), every morning she wraps her legs around my waist and I carry her down the flight of steps from her bed, and I tend to snuggle up with her more than the other two because she’s still small and soft.

Jo accuses us of favouring her more than her and Day.

What can I say? Once upon a time, I said – I’ll never have favourites – but I realise now while I love them all equally, I have to love them all differently because they are three unique individuals. Maybe the way we treat Lu appeals to Jo enormously, but the fact of the matter is that Lu never resists. She’s like the sweet bully-able bunny in the house, while Jo is the pit bull who bites against instruction. That demands different parenting approaches and treatment.

Also, while I snuggle up to Lu, I probably wouldn’t let her go out alone with money, but I would for Day, even when he was her age. And the one I’d be most likely to send for a course or class is Jo. Does that make sense?

Birth order also matters. I didn’t’ use to understand this. Choon and I used to think that Teng was given special treatment. He absolutely was. For he, like Lu, will always be the youngest child and that will be a lifelong badge in the parents’ eyes. I think it’s just human nature. I can’t resist Lu’s lure as the baby of the family.

I was looking through photos, though, and I realize that through the lens Lu looks all grown up. With a decidedly university campus-ish dress sense (jeans and cardigan and haversack and high ponytail) and skinny long chopstick legs.




* She's that tall already... she also seems to have outgrown her slippers, I never noticed

* Looking very much like Papa, no?

How long more can I envelope her in my arms?

(to those people who keep telling me to have a #4 - there still are - NO)


Pearlyn said...

I love how you put it - no favoritism but loving them in different ways because of who they are individually.

And that picture of what looked like Day and Jo putting Go Yok on KK out on the streets in broad daylight is quite hilarious.

Sher said...

no way to treat everyone the same.

yes they were putting go yok on him!