Saturday, May 28, 2016


At least, I think that’s how it’s spelt.

School ends on Thursday the 26th, and Camperaderie is on Friday the 27th.

No one else has to come back to school on Friday, but the Primary Sixes are invited back, after lunch, for an afternoon of fun and what I presume must be camaraderie (hence the name).

Day’s face was black. He bitched about Camperaderie – Must I go? I don’t want to go.

After the event, he changed his mind. He had a lot of fun (even though he doesn’t like a lot of his classmates).

They played team-building games in the school hall, rolling giant balls around, cat-walking down the length of the school hall showing off recycled-material fashion and whatnot, to see which class which triumph at the end of it.

Their parents (like me, the ones who don’t have to report to work in an office) were invited to play too. Adults against the twelve-year-olds first (the adults trashed the kids), then adults against teachers (draw).

They were treated to a nice buffet, for which tables with duplicate trays of food were snaking all over the area outside the school hall because there were so many kids. The potato wedges were the first to go, followed by the fruit punch.


They were given light sticks which they waved gaily to the strains of a song (I forgot what they sang).

* Sorry blur but I think the light sticks look nicer

The dirty word didn’t come up at all. Until the kids who took their PSLE last year, those who scored over 250, were invited back to school to receive certificates on stage.

What is a mum to do but start scrutinizing uniforms? Lots of Dunmans, yes, a few Tanjong Katongs…. So on and so forth.

Academic awards were given out to top performers, and most improved performers in each class.

And a teacher gave a speech: “Some of you started studying for the PSLE three years ago. Some two years ago. Some last week. (titter) Well, your journey starts today…” so on and so forth.

I think it's all collectively meant to inspire the kids, and let them start the June holidays with a smile and a fire in their belly, to run the last lap, fight and bring home the PSLE glory.

I think Day left with bitter-sweet feelings.

* Day and his class

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