Tuesday, May 03, 2016

exam lull

Examination season is actually quite a nice time to relax.

Apart from Day-Before panic, the weeks leading up to the four big ones (Science, English, Maths and Chinese) are halcyon days, because all supplementary and enrichment classes and CCAs stop.

That effectively means that instead of having to stay back in school multiple days a week, they get to reach home after school at an honest 2pm for leisurely home-cooked lunches, and on most days, unless its classes I send them for, they have nothing else on.

Coming after a madcap routine where at least 1 kid would stay back after school every day of the week, and juggling chauffeuring duties every afternoon, it’s such a break. Their cheeks are pinking up nicely because they get more rest, and I’m enjoying cooking dinners because I don’t have to try and slice and dice and fry in between ferrying kids.

By rights, shouldn’t school be like that? When they say school dismisses at 1.30pm, shouldn’t it? Without supplementary lessons and without enrichment classes which are supposedly optional, but which you know you should sign up for because it came through the school?

* Time for play

* Time for evening spins around the carpark

* Time for helping Mama to cook

* Time to zuobo

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