Wednesday, May 18, 2016

exercise high

My favourite exercise routine when there is no need to rush anything in the morning and when I have the luxury of time, is to ride the 8km to the Gardens by the Bay and back. I used to do these things with KK but cycling doesn't fit into his schedule these days. I go solo.

This must be done on a weekday. The best timings are: 730am to start, hit MacDonalds for breakfast which opens at 830am with a book for company, and then visit any one of the conservatories at 9am.

* I'm the sole Macs customer


* Not a single soul in the entire Flower Dome, apart from a few staff

* Changing the tulip display to lilies

* Last glance at the tulips

The timing is ideal in that there is no one (most times, GB is swarming with people like ants) and the weather is still cool. By the time I head back, at 9-ish near 10, it is already somewhat hot. But that’s fine.



It is most calming and rejuvenating – it’s great to start the day with plants - and I like to reward myself with such a trip after I finish onerous jobs.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds so blissful! *MEGA LIKE* :-D

Jo Tan