Thursday, May 26, 2016

jo’s napfa

Singapore’s physical fitness test for primary school kids rolls around once more.

This year, Jo goes through the NAPFA test for the first time, while it’s Day’s second.


The girl practices for it. Not for the 1.6km run, but she occasionally does her sit-and-reach stretches or standing broad jumps at home. “I must get Gold,” she huffs.

In this school, the run as usual is the big beach-side event.

* Jo with Emma Grace and Emilyn

I head down to the beach with Lu and run between two starting points to support first Jo, then Day. Many kids are shod in brightly multi-coloured track shoes, but the two of them run in their too-big school shoes, Jo praying that hers won’t fly off her feet.

(if there’s one sort of shoe we hardly wear in this family, it’s track shoes. We tend to do our sports in slippers and sandals, and school shoes if a sport shoe if required)

* See shoes?

Jo comes in third in her class, the first girl in her class to reach the finish line, and Day’s the fifth in his class.

* Go, Jo, go!

That’s about all I see, as I scream until I go hoarse. Lu doesn’t see anything, she’s busy on the beach trying to scrape together a few shells at shell-sparse East Coast Park.

* Day at the start line with Russell, Aaron, Wei Teng

* Emma Grace, Jody, Yun En, Grace and Emilyn at the start line

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