Thursday, May 05, 2016



This is a minjoot.

It’s the name I plucked from thin air for the oven-baked eggplant (or brinjal or aubergine), so the girls would try it.

At first I refused to name it. They asked me repeatedly, what it was. I sagely shook my head. Then they said, “If Mama doesn’t want to name it, it means she knows we won’t eat it once we know what it is.”

Sometimes, it’s even harder trying to introduce new foods to young girls than it is to babies.

So I said it’s a minjoot. A WHAT, they chorused. Is it a Korean vegetable?

Visually, they didn’t recognise it as the slimy purple vegetable they sometimes see on the dinner table at their grandparent’s place, and which they deemed disgusting after a glance and a taste. The baked eggplant also seemed to smell very nice, like roasted sweet potatoes.

I really wanted them to like eggplant. So if I cooked it at home I won’t be the only person eating it.

Did they put the minjoot in their mouths?

Sort of. Lu took a bite and said it’s disgusting. She’s consistent.

Jo took one slice, ate up all the gooey insides leaving the skin behind because she said it was tough, and said it tasted like and had the consistency of “a cross between a banana and a marshmallow”.

Which sounds like it’s a good thing. Only she looked very doubtful and didn’t want a second slice.

I ate up the other 15 or so slices, which comprises one entire eggplant, for my lunch while they sucked up all of my baked mushrooms and potatoes.

A while later, I said – Girls I want to tell you something. The minjoot isn't really a minjoot. It's a brinjal.

Lulu mock-wailed, “Mama, you’ve changed! You’re not the same anymore!” while Jo got really mad.

I just wish they (and Day and KK) would someday fall in love with eggplants and bittergourds.


Karmeleon said...

Miss Minjoot was one of my son's pri 1 teacher. hahhahah

Sher said...

ur kidding. hahaha!

Karmeleon said...

I'm not!!! Go Google! It's a surname!

Zhen Png said...

Brinjal in curry ? Yum !
I love Brinjal and bittergourd too but not my kids. I think is a kid think. I didnt like them til I grow up...

Zhen Png said...
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