Saturday, May 07, 2016

no more silverware

The last gym competition will be their last, I think.

They (and I) are simply not taking it seriously enough to warrant entering a competition.

At the start, in the beginning when everyone starts on a similar base, it’s easier to bring home some silverware, for Day and for Jo.

Now, at a higher level, the work ethic shows.  Those who work harder do better. How can they, on just two hours of practice a week, do well? They go home empty-handed.

Fortunately or unfortunately, neither of them are compelled to look at others, look at themselves, and say – I will work harder. Not in gym anyway.

Instead, they say – Aiya I don’t want to take part in competitions anymore. Can't we just have fun?

I also find it terribly difficult to try and inspire anyone, starting with my kids, to work harder or look beyond failure or how failure is the mother of success and all of those clich├ęs which can actually be really powerful coming from the mouth of the right person (not me).

I just ruffle their hair, grin, and take videos of every one of their events, for posterity, lest it is the last time they wear their sparklies and do those routines. I'm grateful they had the chance to. Gymnastics and taking part in competitions is a luxury.

* Buay-song Day with Gyan and Giorgio


I hope that one day they will find that something in which they want to be better than everyone else, and will work for it. 

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