Saturday, May 14, 2016


I try cooking squid for the first time. I like squid but don’t usually think of it as a home dish.

First time the squid emerges tough as rubber bands. I go online. The instructions are: Cook it very, very fast or very, very slow.

Second time I fry the squid for what feels like 20 seconds or less. I recall that the Hokkien Mee sellers only add in the squid rings and prawn at the last-minute, and they seem to spend very little time tossing the seafood around before dishing out the noodles.

The squid is perfectly chewy tender. I pray it’s cooked through. No one gets tummy upset. Yay!

* Squid, only for the one night in a week when I go beyond a one-pot meal


Anonymous said...

It looks really good! :-)

Jo Tan

Sher said...

josephine tan! u think?! look only. chilli bean paste sauce wasnt tt great, i think.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, ya, now that I stare the sauce around, it seems a bit diluted? But the squid looks totally tender. :-) Salt and pepper dip the next time?

Jo Tan
(PS: Yes, identifying myself with surname cos you have a number of Jos here. It's a good name. Haha.)