Friday, June 17, 2016

a sleepover

Finally! We’ve had someone sleep over at our home!

Who’s the guest?

It’s dear little Liyen. At the grand old age of 34 months, she declared to her mummy that she wanted to have a Sleepover Party at her cousin’s place, just like the rabbit in her story book.

(Mind you, she’s not even three years old. At that age, all of my trio were still hanging off my shorts and they’re rather die than sleep in someone else’s house. Oh, actually the girls are still like that.)

Chye Ling’s intention was to drop Liyen off and go home.

KK was horrified: What if something happens? We don’t want to be responsible! She’s still wearing diapers and drinks from a milk bottle! We no longer know how to look after a tot! Why don’t our girls go over and stay with you?

Guerilla mum Chye Ling was non-plussed. Can one lah, she insisted.

She did exactly as planned. At 6pm on a Saturday, she dropped Liyen off at our place with a bagpack stuffed with diapers, spare clothes and some milk (just in case Liyen asks for it), and drove off with no further instructions.

* Liyen's backpack

What was it like taking care of our very first sleepover tot?

Well, Liyen was remarkable. Hardy and adaptable, she didn’t cry, didn’t kick up a fuss and went along with whatever Jo and Lu did. (Liyen is terrified of Day because he has scared her as a monster on several occasions)

Watched Inside out with the rest of us on TV, even though she couldn’t sit still and kept bouncing around on Rody which earned her a bump (very stressful) when she fell over on her head, ate one potato wedge and lots of sweeties from Cold Storage for dinner, and managed to fall asleep in a strange environment at 10-ish.

* Liyen loves Rody. We put a helmet on her after she bumped her head galloping

* She eats a handful of potato wedges for dinner

* What's a party without gummies and beer?

She didn’t sleep well. Her eyes were open in the dark when I checked in. But she continued lying down and presumably drifted off later. What an amazing child.

* Liyen's mattress, pillow, bolster and bear which she brought from home, tucked next to the girl's mattress on the floor

KK and I didn’t have to lift a finger, either. Jo and Lu did all the work. They kept Liyen occupied, showered with her, told her stories at bedtime and pretended to sleep next to her until her eyes closed. 

* Lulu attempting to read DRAMATICALLY to try and engage a three-year-old, to no avail. Liyen is wearing a pink costume hat of Lulu's from three years back which no longer fits Lu's head

Jo, all grown up by now, did all the things I had to do with her when she was a baby and she didn’t like it at all.

She rolled her eyes and hissed – “It’s FAKE!” – when Liyen insisted that Jo “eat” her food. (I told her, Jo, I had to pretend-eat your fake food and sit in your restaurant for hours and hours and hours when you were small OK, so suck it up)

* Jo in the foreground pretend-licking her ice-cream

* The ever-popular cooking set


And when I told Jo she had to lie down with Liyen and pretend to sleep for as long as it took, there was a lot of disgruntled muttering.

But it was really sweet when she fell asleep. Tiny tots with their small heads, soft hair and warm smells are so nice to have in a bed.


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