Sunday, June 05, 2016

beach obstacle course

On a not-so-sunny day, we head to the beach and Day devises an obstacle course on the exercise equipment near the hawker centre.

Station 1: Pole run.


Station 2: Hang man (must hang for 5 seconds)


Station 3: Run around (run in one complete circle around the stumps)


Station 4: Ring hang (must hang for 5 seconds)


Station 5: Log hoist (only the two lighter logs because even I can hardly twitch the third one)


Station 6: Board run (run up and down each of the five boards)


Cross the finish line.


We took times.

The result: Jo (54 seconds), Day (60 seconds), Mama me (64 seconds), Lu (66 seconds)

* Jo in 1st place, Day in 2nd place and Lu who refused to join in the award ceremony

Jo clearly really doesn’t like to lose, and I’m clearly not very fit.

Lu was most put out and flounced off, despite all our yelling that “Lulu it’s OK you did very well, you finished it, you hoisted the logs!!” The rest of us, however, had a rollicking good time.

Jo then suggested we run around the foot reflexology course. That mini-track comprising pebbles which are supposedly stimulating when you walk over it.


We all peeled off our shoes and slippers. This time, Lu literally scampered across the track (she doesn’t seem to find the pebbles painful in the least), putting her in a very respectable 2nd place behind Jo who couldn’t bear to see Lu in front and somehow managed to outrun her on the stones.

Day (3rd) and I (4th) were deplorable. We hobbled our way to the finish line, me yelping and squeaking at every slow agonizing step. When Lu finished I was only halfway done.

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