Wednesday, June 15, 2016

day refreshed

Not going to school has had a visible effect on Day. Now I know it isn’t puberty. It IS school (plus stress and lack of sleep).

It’s remarkable how fresh he looks every day of the June holidays, all saturated with colour (he looked gray during school days), with bright sparkling eyes.

* He's in such a good mood he gets up to make pancakes for us


The moodiness evaporated. There's no talk of hating anything and he doesn’t mind even if I take away his mobile phone. He just haruumphs with a grin and goes off to disturb his sisters. They have a rollicking good time getting up to all sorts of mischief.

He doesn’t mind either when I make him sit down to do some work (I do!). It’s all very pleasant.

However, the revitalizing effect of the June holidays also tells me that at this stage, he is still unable to handle pressure. He crumbles when the fire is hot.

As we move into the roller coaster that will be Term 3 (last mile of the PSLE journey), I pray he cooks nicely ie toughens up, and be less of a strawberry.


Anonymous said...

Now I wonder if our kids are really strawberries or the schools just expect too much from them i.e. put them through much more pressure than our time. :p


Sher said...

i dont know. where's the line?

i get confused, and sometimes i get pissed at what i construe as basic laziness and walking away from anything that's tough.

there are the parents who want to protect their strawberries, preserve their sanity and happiness and love for learning. these might then become youths who are quitters and stay at home after graduation, feeding off their parents and refusing to do hard work (i know a few) or worse, feeding off someone else to travel, and LIVE LIFE etc.

am i becoming one? i really dont know. but the PSLE prep is making it clear that the first-born could be a strawberry

Anonymous said...

I totally get you. But I think your 3 are much more less strawberry than mine.

At least they help you out at home! Mine, coz we are staying with my parents so Popo always picks up after them despite my naggings and scoldings.

I guess what we can do is to continue to drum in the message that if life is tough, they have to suck it up and drum on. No matter how my I pity my kids inwardly, I will not let them shrink away from what they have to do. Have to constantly tell them that each generation have their challenges. They have creature comforts but their downside is have to face tougher and more competitive educational and likely work environment.

Think what you are doing now with the PSLE prep is fine. No. 1 might be grumpy and all when facing stress but he also now knows that if there is a break somewhere, his system can restart and then go on for the last lap. Its a learning experience for him on how to cope with it.


Sher said...

thanks, Kc :)
household chores doesnt mean they aren't strawberries... but we'll see how they turn out.

exciting huh.

Anonymous said...

Heh, if our kids are not the strawberries of their generation, it should be fine. I guess we cannot compare them to us, just like the older generation might think we are strawberries too. :p

But many kids don't really do housework and housework is not really fun. If they can put up with it, they are already better off than their peers!

Yea lor. I am keeping my fingers crossed for mine too. Haha.