Sunday, June 19, 2016

giving in to sweetness

A fascinating card from Lu.

* "I'm sorry life is hard for you mummy, I'll try my best to be good."

Why did you write this, Lulu, I ask.

She says, I see you doing the laundry, cooking, washing the dishes, so many things.

But do I look sad, Lulu?

No. But I can see that life is hard for you.

She is so sweet, she still makes cards and little things for me every other day, and her luuuurve is another reason why it’s so darned difficult to say NO to the little one.

It suddenly hit me one day in a moment of self-reflection on motherhood that the third child has an endless litany of wants – which I meet.

Simple wants, yes, but wants nevertheless which cost money and time (mine as I have to make trips to purchase them), sugar-coated in her usual soft harmless demeanour.

These would be things like a “reading” pen for a Chinese magazine, neck pillow, puffy colourful foam paper, cotton balls from the pharmacy for her art, apple pie from MacDonalds at night, a trip to the beach, a packet of Maltesers, strawberries, Gardenia butter rolls, green tea ice cream…. Right now she wants a blue polo shirt-dress exactly like her old one (she saw it on the blog and wants to wear one just like it again).

She is the one who comes up to me nearly every day, eyes wide open, to say “Mummy can you buy me XXX, please?” She is the one with instructions every time I am about to pop off to the supermarket, to buy this or that.

When I don’t, she accuses me of not keeping my promises and I instantly feel guilty.

Day and Jo never want anything, which is super.

(Well, Day does want an X-box and a holiday abroad, but Lu’s wants are simple, wholesome and affordable, and she really chips away at me in her sunshiny way until I happily give in)

She is also wonderful at expressing gratitude. Her face lights up and she is happy for a long time with the purchases which she really makes use of, instead of chucking in one corner.

I have called her out (I think Day and Jo are very pleased that I recognise my “weakness”) and told her to dial back on her requests, because Mama will not be emotionally black-mailed into giving her special treatment over her siblings.

(Even though, well, she’s the only one who thinks that my life is hard… which is kind of touching)

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Anonymous said...

Awww, she is such an angel!

Jo Tan