Tuesday, June 07, 2016


“Ha, you dare to go on holiday?”

A fellow mum with a 12-year-old cannot believe we are going to be gone for five days, five precious days which Day could have used to prepare for the PSLE.

All around me, mums are sending their kids to special holiday classes for a last-minute boost which might secure that A-star.

I don’t know. I didn’t sign Day up for any of that. I suppose school holiday homework and some assessment book work from me would suffice.

In the bigger picture, I figured it’s more important that we have our family break, for while one child is having the PSLE, the other two are not.

Also, after Pa’s lung episode, I think it’s really important to create holiday moments while he’s still hale and hearty. Years down the line, Day would probably treasure, much more, the time he spent with his grandparents and relatives in Ipoh, than swotting.

The concession is that we make it short, and near. A five-day Ipoh getaway, once again to visit my cousin there.

We drive the VW. We make it there in a record-busting 5 ½ hours of smooth uninterrupted driving starting at 5am, and back in a relatively longer (but still smooth) 7 hours including a surprisingly smooth entry at the Singapore Woodlands checkpoint on a Tuesday night.

The children are now great road travellers. They drink little (so they don't need to pee), require zero entertainment (they make up their own games and play Uno) and generally nap a lot in the car. 


* A neck pillow which Lu insisted on buying in Ipoh. She was very proud of her acquisition

My folks and Teng take the plane (none of them can make the 600km drive), which takes all of 55 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, that's the exact same reaction I got when I went overseas during my PSLE (and later A level!) years as well! Mine was about the same duration, or even longer. It didn't make any difference to my eventual results - consistent work counts more than last-minute cramming :)

Anonymous said...

The 5 day break will do him good. :) I love road trips! My dad used to drive us back to Taiping every school holidays. Pity neither my husband nor I can drive so my kids did not have the chance to experience any road trips that's longer than 1.5hrs so far.


francesca said...

I concur with your way. :)

Dee.. said...

last night, I was just with a friend drowning her sorrows because her husband pushes her P6 girl and P5 boy so hard that she is so stress. She was drinking to de-stress and was ranting and ranting. They are such loving couple but PSLE turns her spouse to kan chiong Dad. It is so sad.
I think you will drive some sanity to some overly anxious parents. It is only pSLE and the only first (un)important exams in their life.