Tuesday, June 21, 2016

phone hunt

Every night when they fall off to sleep, I play Phone Fairy. I make off with Day and Jo’s phone, because I so hate to see them busy on their phones when I wake up the next morning.

One night, I find this at Day’s usual phone charging station. The phone is missing.

* How illegible his writing has become. My presbyotic eyes can hardly make it out.

He’s laid out a Treasure Hunt for me!

It’s great fun and there’s a great big smile on my face as I go around the house trying to seek out the phone.

For posterity, his clues:

CLUE 2: Great job! But more is yet to come… It is somewhere in Mama and Papa’s room, but where could it be? Somewhere secretive, where the eye cannot see, let me give you a clue, how about “The Monster Under the _________”? (Answer: Bed)

CLUE 3: Nice work! You’re almost getting there! How ‘bout a riddle? 15 14   13 25   2 15 15 19 8 5 12 6 (Answer: The code reads, On my booshelf – he forgot the ‘k’)

CLUE 4: Last riddle! I have keys but no locks, feet but no socks. What am I? (Answer: Piano)

I open the piano and there’s the phone. His note says: Congratulations!! (but I still want my phone…)


francesca said...

So creative! I thought you wanted to play the game called phone fairy. Lol.

Sher said...

no la phone fairy as in, i take the phone away like the tooth fairy takes teeth.