Saturday, June 25, 2016

tech change

I have never felt such a dinosaur as I do now, and the pain of change has never been as acute.

My trusty desktop breaks down. It was the computer my brother built for me when I first moved into this house, and it’s held out from the time Lu was 1 until now, when she’s 8. In an age where everything fails spectacularly quickly, it’s had an incredible seven-year run.

But it started crashing. Weird symbols started appearing in the middle of the screen.

I called on my trusty IT guy, Teng, and his diagnosis was that it’s time for a change.

We hop on down to Sim Lim where he heads into the shop for IT nerds, ticks off all the computer innards he needs on a piece of paper so tightly crammed with lists the tiny font looks like it was from the Yellow Pages of old, the men take two hours to assemble the machine he’s customized for me and we’re out of there with the CPU after I make the $700 payment (I re-use my old monitor and keyboard)

* A crappy camera-to-Blogger upload. Sucks.

Teng loads up all the software I need. Thankfully, all of my files and photos are saved, because he had designed that I store them in a separate drive from the start.

Things are different. The Windows is updated. The interface feels weird. Not in a good way. It all seems a lot more complex. But I’m OK.

Owing to the way in which the computer was configured, I also have to transfer all my data files (saved from my old computer) somewhere else, combine two drives into one, and then re-save them all back into the computer. Whatever.

Then it’s time to organize the photos. Ah.

Pardon the gobbledy gook, but I used to download, organize and edit in Picasa, downsize the photos in Irfan View and upload to Flickr for the blog.

Picasa apparently no longer exists. It’s gone to Google Photos.

Problem is, my Internet connection is actually very slow. Ever since we had to convert to fibre, I have been connected wirelessly using a not-very-good thingy (I don't know what its called); it’s actually quite a bit slower than when I had a directed wired connection from my CPU to the telephone line. The Old Way. So uploading to Google Photos takes forever.

In a nutshell, when it comes to tech, it’s DAMN HARD for me to change. And things are changing so fast, as what I get used to is phased out faster and faster.

Again, as I struggle to think of an offline solution for photo management (not to mention the 5,000 photos from the old computer which I’ve now got to organize) I want to cry. Honestly. I’ve got a lump in my throat.

I don’t mind doing it in a new way. But because Teng doesn’t know much about photo editing or management, I have to find the new way. A new, sustainable way (that won’t change) that I can use to download, organize, edit and upload photos just as quickly and conveniently as I used to.

And that SUCKS. The new way is lost to me. Fibre sucks, Google Photos suck, Irfan View sucks as an editing tool, everything sucks. Now I know I have to embrace change.... learn and re-learn and all that. It's just going to take some time to slowly find The Way and get used to it, even while I struggle with multiple commitments.

(I am also beginning to understand why some people, older than me, lament about the pace of change around them. I'm starting to feel it. In tech at least.)

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I feel u. Some friends are very good in this even with editing videos and I totally feel I cannot catch up technology wise. Min