Saturday, July 09, 2016

art lesson

When an art session for Jo and Lu – to separately work on two canvases which will be combined into one - illuminates who they are.

1: Lu is the one with the art interest, and confidence, to stride into class with a sketch of an owl she had made and say – I want to paint this. Jo follows her lead.

* Lulu's owl sketch


2: Jo is the perfectionist who, once she is clear about the direction, dominates the work, eventually straying onto Lu’s canvas, correcting Lu’s work and terrorizing Lu out of the picture because she deems that Lu’s handiwork is “wrong”. Maybe it's the teacher part of her. This is also the part which makes my blood boil, as I see Jo modifying Lu's strokes and pushing Lu away from her own painting, and which eventually leads to the teacher positioning Lu’s canvas at a 90 degree angle to Jo’s instead of being side-by-side so the girls can’t quite see each other’s work.

* Teacher Ocean working with Lu

3: Jo paints as if her life is on the line. Lu paints as if she wouldn’t mind the picture going into the trash. Jo is very worried and stressed throughout, Lu paints with a smile.

4: Lu’s strokes are rough, but she finishes on time with a drawing which she is proud of. Jo’s strokes are impeccable, but she doesn’t finish on time with a drawing which she says sucks.

* Lu's

* Jo's, which she actually didn't want me to take a picture of because its incomplete

5: Through it all, neither of them listen to anything I say, unlike all the other kids who seem to go along with what their Mums say and do.

6: They sit still at their easels for three hours.

7: Unlike other kids who make friends with other kids and then spend part of the time running amok and playing, these two don't talk to any kid, not even the ones they know. Like these ones:

* Norman, Bridgette and Val

* Jolene and Eva


Jo said...

Lol! Those are (overly) harsh observations I think! Lulu did talk to us :) Hope Jo got the chance to complete her painting.

Sher said...

she did? haha. not jo tho...
no she hasn't finished. meant to go down but i cldnt at the last minute.

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know which art studio is this? Do they offer only canvas painting class? Thanks! -M

Sher said...

its called Seedz Studio. Its located at 77 lucky heights, in an estate called lucky court. website here:

not sure about what else they offer. check out the website!