Tuesday, July 05, 2016


What a travesty.

To think I used to be so diligent about sleep. These days I’m lucky if they are in bed by 10pm.

Most times, I shoo Day and Lu in by 10, they end up sleeping at something like 1030, and I leave Jo to her devices because her will is too strong. She sleeps 11-ish, sometimes midnight.

* The Terrible Two

* Jo at midnight before a school day

Everyone wakes up at 615am.

I wish they were like the Western kids who bed down at 830pm. Instead, they have become Sleep Deprived Singapore Kids, joining the rest of the nation in leading the sleep deprived world brigade.

Where did we go wrong?
  • We weren’t firm enough at the start. I know people whose kids (aged 10 and above) obediently go to bed at 9pm, but I can count them on two fingers. These folks were stern, every night, from the time their kids were little babies. We let up too often, like on weekends when bedtime flew out of the window. Their nightly routine is brush teeth, read books, play… and wait for Mum to nag and nag and nag.
  • As they get older, it’s become a lot harder to make them do things they don’t want to. They don’t like to sleep.
  • Homework. Not so much an issue for Day and Lu (they'd just not do the work and get in trouble which is fine by me) but one for Jo, who, because she takes so long to eat and shower and read and play etc, she has developed a habit of starting on her homework after 9. And because she’s so fussy about it, she insists on finishing everything perfectly. But if there is one kid amongst the three who can survive on six hours of sleep and behave normally the next day, it’d be Jo.
  • We didn’t separate them. They all share the same room (Day has drifted over because his room doesn't have air-con). If one kid is tucked in first, the noisy entrance of the next one will wake him or her up.
  • We work late. I start work after 10pm. KK also works late into the night. Monkey see, monkey do.
  • They have mobile phones. Perhaps it’s the blue light which is keeping them up?

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