Thursday, July 21, 2016

can speak chinese, ah!

To be very clear:

School provides a base script and all the kid/parent has to do is fill in the blanks.

Does she understand everything? Probably about three-quarters. She has no idea what 其中包括 or 的来 or means. Those parts she is singing in a foreign language.

So its mindless drilling and rote memory and whatnot. Heck. She’s so proud of it she sings it a dozen times a day because she feels she's come very far.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shermaine, memorisation does have its uses! Especially for 'potato' children - read this -

It's a most enlightening read and really gave me insights into how to improve one's own language ability!

And Lu recites very well! She has the tonal sounds down pat.


Sher said...

hello thanks for the link. it is v interesting, she really dissects the topic.. gotta work on widening the Chinese "stream" in Lu's head!

Anonymous said...

welcome! perhaps, that could be the subject of one of your future blog posts heh