Wednesday, July 27, 2016

erhu lu

Lu has been learning the erhu in school, as part of music class. 

Not everyone in class learns the erhu. But because the teachers know that Jo play the erhu, I think they somehow think that Lu should also play the same. Synergies, right.

I disagree. If she were to start on another instrument, it must be different. That's also unlikely because Lu is determined that her erhu lessons will end with music class. She says “I hate instruments and I hate music”.

Right. That’s kind of sad to hear.

But she has been wanting to practice at home and saw through her Twinkle Twinkles.

Jo lends her the Chinese Orchestra’s erhu which she is allowed to bring home from school because she’s a school player, and corrects Lu’s playing every other second.

* "Like this lah, Lulu..."

* "Alamak...."


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Karmeleon said...

Her bowhold is not bad!