Monday, July 11, 2016

jo generates content

In support of Jo’s latest aspiration to be a YouTuber (I think one shared by Day too, and quite a few other kids around), her first edited video.

I’m impressed because she uses a Video App with music and jump cuts to do the entire thing in her phone. It’s more than I could ever do. She sends it to the Family Group Chat with the words (and two smileys): Made it myself. Enjoy!

It’s also hilarious to me because it captures the utterly humdrum detached after 7pm-life of a Singapore family where everyone is absorbed in a screen of some sort – Dad on TV, Boy on laptop AND mobile, Mum and Sister on desktop and Jo herself doing around the house filming with her phone – while uplifting music which she chose plays in the background. The sort of music where you’d expect to see children running in the grass, parents hugging the kids, bonding as a family. 

The images and the music is disconnected, but it's laughably real. I told her, next time we have to act for you. And we'll pack up the house first.

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