Tuesday, July 19, 2016

jo gets independent

Jo said – “Mama I’m going to my friend’s house”.

Oh the sweet, sweet sound!

She’s finally going to her friend’s house! Without me!

Even though it’s not quite a social gathering in that the quartet of girls are actually meeting after school to work on a science project to make intestines out of something like stockings (really), I gather from Jo that the girls were really excited, from planning for it to spending the morning in school on a high because they had something to look forward to.

“We are going by bus after school, Mama! By bus! We are going to go on our own!”

(Then someone’s mum said she was going to follow them on the bus, I think just to make sure that the 10-year-olds were OK)

“Urgh, we don’t want any Mums there! Must she come along?”

I never dreamt that the day would come when Jo, my skirt-hugger, would want to have pure girlie fun, but it’s come. And I know one day when she’s absent more than present that I will want the clingy girl back. But for now, I like that she wants to spread her wings.

The girls went, they played with the host’s bunnies (Jo fell in love and she’s now clamouring for rabbits), they went downstairs to the playground for some fun.

Of course, before doing all of that, they finished the intestines.

These friends she hangs out with are her canteen set, and they are really, really, amazingly sweet decent soft-spoken girls. All wholesome as apple pie.



Jo avoids the “popular” girls (the too-smart, too-pretty, too-confident, too-bitchy ones) like the plague.


Angelyn McCormack said...

I know your joy!!

my 11yo gal recently needs to work on a science project with her group and cos we stay in Punggol, I uber her to the mcdonalds near where most of her groupmates live. After 30mins, laptop batt went kaput, so they decided to go to their friend's house and walked there. After reaching there, I don't know what they did and her friend said, let's go to mcdonalds for lunch and they walked back to mcdonalds. As you can guess, the project is not completed after 4 hours of ding dong mcdonalds and friend's house.

Sher said...

we're so tickled at how cute they are... now. haha. wonder what the teens will be like.