Friday, July 01, 2016

jo’s "interview"

Jo interviews Lu. Except in the interview, she’s pretending to be Lu.

The recording is in my phone and it cracks me up. Not so much for the content but how she impeccably copies Lu's voice, and Lu’s utterly bo-chup, occasionally uncertain, slightly off-kilter demeanour. 

I listen to it whenever I need a laugh.

The Transcript

Ok we are back to the interview about Lulu.

Lulu is a cute little girl but she can be weird sometimes. So I’m gonna ask her a question.

Lulu what do you like to eat?

[ Lu ]: Erm, I like to eat, erm, some potatoes with shit and sometimes celery.

Erm, OK. What else do you like to eat?

[ Lu ]: Erm, potatoes and shit, and sometimes, celery.

Er, OK. What do you like to do?

[ Lu ]: Er, I like, I like going into the toilet bowl and swimming. Because it’s very delicious.

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