Sunday, July 17, 2016

lu’s hair minion

That would be me.

For some reason she likes me to cut her hair. It's not something I like to do because I don't understand hair and how it behaves. She's also older and a lot more conscious about how she looks. But she also doesn’t like how the hair salons “strangle” her with capes, she thinks she’ll retch. Between vomiting and a bad hairdresser, she prefers the latter.

Of late, she decided that she wanted to cut her hair.

It was a two-stage process (the luxury of having a hair minion at home).

First stage, I dragged the mirror into our kitchen, the brightest place in the house, chucked her on one of our stools and did the job as she looked at herself; exactly like in a hair salon.

Armed with KK’s not-very-sharp steel scissors (the hair tends to “bend” in or out when I trim) I lop off an inch. Even better is how it was accidentally layered, because I first pinned up the “outside” parts of the hair and cut the insides, then she decided she wanted it longer so I cut less from the “outsides”. Fine and good.

Second stage occurred a fortnight later when she decided she wanted a bob with a full fringe. This time, to Bach’s cello suites (to steady myself because it really is quite stressful to cut hair with a blunt tool and I suck) I gave her a bob.

* 2nd stage cut, with Jo as my assistant

* Lu refused to be phtographed. Hence the back and side views.

I started a few snips on the right, a few snips on the left side (to make sure they match in length) then cut my way to the back. I cried "Hallelujah!" when both sides met, to Jo's great amusement.

* The right

* The left

* The back which somehow ended up tapered like a V

Lu yelled and whined. It was shorter than what she wanted. “All my friends will laugh at me!” she cried.

KK and I love it. We think the bob suits her little face. Best of all, she won't have to do a thing in the morning but shake out her hair.

* Bye, hair


Anonymous said...

It sure looks professionally done! :D


Yvonne Tan said...

Did you know you can donate hair?

Sher said...

ya i've heard but i dunno where, also the hair was quite short. think its usually long hair which is required for wigs and such, no?

Anonymous said...

What a nice hair cut! Great job!