Saturday, July 23, 2016

papa comes home

Goodness me, just after I say it, it happens!

(If I were Godly I’d say that the good Lord granted my prayers.)

KK doesn’t have to go to Mandai anymore.

That means he has an extra 75 hours a month, a lot more time in which to spend a lot less money.

The point is that he’ll get to be home a lot more, and he’ll be with us on Saturdays once again, and even a weekday afternoon or two. Never mind the money. We’ll get by.

It’s time to celebrate!

In memory of this great occasion, Jo and I do a video of his first weekend post-Mandai. I shoot the videos, send them to her via Whatsapp, and she edits and puts together the entire thing just like what she did the last time

I must say, for all the difficulties I have with Jo, as a Mother trying to make her do things, it's such a joy to work with her as a collaborator. She is a fantastic worker. She is dead-focused on the task at hand, is finicky to the extreme (I think she has to time the wipes and whatnot) and won’t give up.

I wanted to put KK’s current favourite song, 7 Years, as the soundtrack but when it appeared somewhat bothersome, I told her to forget it and just use one of the provided soundtracks. She told me to go and take my shower while she figured it out. By the time I came out, she had did it. Ripped the soundtrack off somewhere and laid the video on it. She hates the little audio hiccup at the start, but I shooed her in to bathe, told her forget it.

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