Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I don’t quite feel like blogging these days.

Day and Lu don’t want to be photographed, they run away from me every time I whip out the camera even if I’m taking photographs that have nothing to do with the blog.

Jo is a little bit more open but she vets her photos. So while I'm happily thinking about captions, I first have to clear it. Which is very xian. She is also very conscious that she has school mates whose mothers read the blog (They tell her! And they tell her not to tell me! Which is actually really so cute!) and she is very mindful about her image.

While in the past I blogged because they were doing cute and funny things and seemed to be blossoming into lovely useful people, these days whatever they do is more a case of – What did I do wrong in my parenting?

Mothering seemed more exciting then. Now, it’s all really humdrum. I don’t try to do very much by way of “doing fun things” because it isn’t very much appreciated. I'm getting the sense that they'd like it much more if I cleaned the toilets better or cooked better food.

I think they’re becoming TEENS who are very much a product of their generation and it’s something which I don’t find particularly joyful. It's also a blogging minefield which I don't want to tread on.

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