Friday, July 15, 2016

standing chips


Life skill: Making potato chip bags stand.

Day picks it up from the Internet and does it every Saturday night when we have our movie nights. Just like making breakfast pancakes, he thoroughly enjoys being useful.

He’s the man!


Anonymous said...

Hello Shermaine, i've been an avid reader of your blog for the longest time and have thoroughly enjoyed all your tales about your 3 lovely kids! Reading this made me recall this:

you've given me the inspiration to have more than 1 kid too! I hope you never stop writing though I understand if you decide to since your kids are growing fast. Perhaps, you could start writing more about yourself? :) I stay in the east too, i wonder if i could say hi to you one day if I ever bump into you!


Sher said...

of course u can say hi!

yeah, will see how long i can keep this up :)
the thing is the kids really enjoy the blog too. they dont want me to write, but they also want me to write.