Sunday, August 28, 2016


After 10 years in Darwin, Kaofu Choon has decided to come back to Singapore. For good.

Got a job here, quit his old one (he was just shy of the 10-year mark which would have earned him six months of paid leave, SIX months!), gave or sold off all his things, said his farewells and left his life there.

Yesterday morning he arrived back in Singapore with three bicycles in bags and a couple of smaller bags. Ten boxes are following on a ship.

* Unloading the bikes from Auntie Margaret's van

* The first lot of luggage

The decision was made, fast. Following his last visit to Singapore four months ago in April, he applied for a job in Singapore, did an interview via Skype, was offered the job, accepted it in a day, tendered his resignation and packed up.

It’s like all the steps were already lined up, mentally and emotionally rehearsed, just waiting for all the right pieces to fall in place.

As I’m someone who never got to really live overseas and am still itching for a stint (will probably never happen though), it puzzles me why people who enjoy what seems to be far better lifestyles overseas want to come back.

Choon isn’t the only one. I know a few others, people who despised Singapore and left for greener pastures, who come back sometime around the age of 40 for what appears to be a worse life.

Choon is taking a big pay cut and he’s calculated that he needs to work an extra 200-plus hours a year. He also came back from Australia where the air is forever clear and crisp, a day after the haze rolled in.

Here’s why I think he returned.

FOOD. Well as someone who doesn’t really care about what goes into my mouth, I think food is the silliest reason to come back for. Seems a lot of overseas Singaporeans think otherwise, but I still think people can come back occasionally to pig out on their local favourites. That’s not the main reason for Choon, though, I think.

* First meal back: Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo


FAMILY. So Pa had that lung episode in March. The only thing Choon could do then, was to send a hamper of nutritious goodies to Pa. It probably served as a reminder that our parents will only get older, and it might not feel very nice to be overseas when our folks need us around.

Lastly and most importantly, there is one person whom I think embodied an alternative future, singlehandedly set all of the wheels in motion and made coming back for Choon the only viable option.

* Guess who?

It looks like Mum’s birthday wish for Choon might very well come true.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! The eligible bachelor is finally off the market! :D

- long-time reader

Huixuan Zhang said...

Had to laugh at how u didn't explicitly state the last reason for his coming back but linked it to ur mama's birthday wish!

Huixuan Zhang said...
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Anonymous said...

Aiyo, 我没机会了 😔

Anonymous said...

Who's the lucky girl? ;)

Sher said...

Ahahaha. The Eligible Bachelor has been featured as such in this blog over the last 10 years... we're really glad too.

Dee said...

So glad a talent is back ! Yay! I hope he will be able to settle in well. Always good to have a sibling for support when parents become weaker. I used to feel so sad and having a brother to wait with me at the hospital doesn't seem so gloomy.

Karmeleon said...

Wow ..... I still wish I'm not the only one doing the hospital runs for parent. Oh well. Don't think it'd ever happen.