Saturday, August 20, 2016

karaoke competition

The kids’ Por Por takes part in a karaoke competition.


She has been taking karaoke lessons at the nearby Community Club for a while now (to be more precise, it should be singing lessons), with a group of fellow oldies who all revel in old Chinese and dialect songs.

I actually made Por Por sing for me once, because I love the old theme songs from the Hong Kong drama serials, like 万水千山忠是情. The kids aren’t really interested.

So her teacher decided recently that she was good enough to go for competition. And this really was a grassroots competition.

* Por Por's teacher. Who is also one of the competition judges. Hmmm.

Of late, according to Teng, she’s been playing the tune on her mobile phone and practicing by singing to it.

Today, we all popped into a Community Club at Toa Payoh to cheer her on. In that tiny little dark room (the photos look otherwise but it’s really dark) with blue sofas, a whole bunch of silver haired (some with black dye) folk dressed up to the nines to sing their hearts out. I saw sequins, getai makeup and poufy hair. I told mum she should have worn her gold cheongsam which would have truly dazzled the crowd, but she said she doesn’t want to be like a peacock.

* The competition venue. Por Por in red.

* A shiny suit (is that a toupee?) and a tutu skirt

Along with them came supporters, like one of Por Por’s friends from her singing “club”. (and us three)

* Por Por's supporter


* What two of the supporters were doing most of the time, when other people were singing

There were 51 contenders singing from 1 to 6pm. The top prize was $110.

I don’t know what my mother sang, but it was in Cantonese and it sounds like a terribly hard song to sing, to me.

But for the $5 entrance fee, I made sure I took a nice video of her effort.

Yeah she makes a mistake at 1:50 (“my goodness I have never made a mistake when I practice and the first one I make is during the competition!”) but she stoically shakes it off and concludes that she should leave early because she isn’t going to win any prizes.

Still. She’s a champion in our hearts! And that video is going to make me smile for the rest of my life!

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