Friday, August 19, 2016

oral’s over

* Day with freshly-mown hair, which he cut on the advice of his teachers who said he needed to make a good first impression

That’s two stones thrown off, English Oral and Chinese Oral.

What essentially happened over the last two days is that the Primary 6 kids report to school at two different times, sit around in a waiting room, are called into a classroom where they face two teachers from another school and then have to be eloquent. Or pretend to be.

In general for both languages, they read a passage, have to be able to describe something like a picture or a poster, answer questions as well as engage in conversation.

The morning of Day’s first oral session, for Chinese, a huge moth flew into the house and landed on the clock. I called it his Good Luck Moth.


For posterity, for Chinese, Day was shown a picture of a school garden which he had to describe. Then he was asked if he had done community work and how it had impacted him. (funnily enough when I asked Day and all of his friends who emerged how the oral went, none of them could repeat this question they were asked in Mandarin. They all told it to me in English. And when I insisted on the Mandarin question they struggled) 

For English, the kids had to read a passage about an obese kid, and then carry on a dialogue about healthy living and eating. Day got somewhat stuck! His dietitian uncle would be so disappointed!

I have told Day to pack up and pass on his stack of Chinese Oral notes to Jo. He'd be literally giving away his burden.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Day on finishing the oral exams! And wishing him all the very best of luck for his remaining papers! He's a wonderful boy and I'm sure his hard work will pay off in the end :))