Wednesday, August 17, 2016

psle starts

I’ve always thought of what I write here as pulling memories out of my head, strand by strand, like the Pensieve in Harry Potter.

So much to catch up on, I figured I’ll start from here and fill in the blanks (the back parts) bit by bit!

Right now, the Big Thing is: Day’s oral exams on Thursday and Friday.

This is the actual thing. Chinese on Thursday and English on Friday. It's started!

IMG_8844 (2)

The girls are joyous. They don’t have to go to school, probably because the noise would filter into hallowed PSLE oral halls.

I’m not sure it’d be all that quiet though, because our Olympic swimming champ is making a pit stop at the hawker centre opposite the kids’ school just about the time Day is doing his Oral; it's part of the victory bus tour, and the whole estate might be there screaming his name. I think I’ll be there too, waiting with the girls after I drop Day off, after which I might get a plate of carrot cake from the stall which the champ likes and which I like too. (on that note, two photographers and a reporter were busy at the stall this morning, asking questions about how many packets the champ bought this morning. Five, if I overheard correctly, but I could be wrong)

* There! Bee Bee Carrot Cake, next to Marine Parade coffee and drinks. Photo from here.

Something interesting I discovered while trying to dry-run some of Day's Orals with him: He lies.

Particularly in Chinese Oral where he literally memorizes chunks of text (provided by the tuition teacher) to spew out during the dialogue part because otherwise he would not have the vocabulary to talk about saving the environment or family bonding or racial harmony.

That’s fine. But I also found that he lies during English Oral too. He regurgitates a family event which never happened before.

“I have to lie, Mummy, to score.”

I was thoroughly disappointed. Not with him but the system.


Anonymous said...

But it's just like writing an essay, we lied too, didn't we?

Sher said...

oh ya we did. guess in my mind i hoped that the kids wld minimally develop the confidence to express themselves honestly.. which i think they did before, in pre-school.

Porky said...

Sad but true - told my dd best to share a real life scenario but she said teacher say it's ok to conjure or go according to practice script!!! Wo practiced script, she couldn't do her DSA interview- sigh this is what mechanical does to the gen!