Saturday, September 10, 2016

anything goes

Two strange little observations about Lu.

One of her favourite snacks is frozen peas, straight from the freezer.

I never thought it was weird until one day my insurance agent, who happened to be at our home selling me a policy, saw Lu grabbing a bowl, heading to the freezer, making some noise, closing the freezer and popping whatever was in that bowl into her mouth.

“What… what’s she eating?”

“Frozen peas.”


* Cold wet peas, some hard some soft

Then I realized its perhaps not a very normal practice. It evolved because sometimes I get tired and I don’t want to steam things. So Lu got fed up and tried out the frozen peas (she asked for my permission first and I said OK just to see if she'd dare to) and she actually liked it. She keeps the rock hard orb in her mouth and when it thaws after 15 seconds or so she squishes it. Incredulous me tried it one day. It is actually a rather refreshing snack for a hot day. But I wouldn't do it again.

* Our nice snap frozen Wattie's peas. I hope they are responsibly processed.

She also does the same with frozen corn nibblets.

Then the other night, she searched high and low for a white board. “Miss Chiam says I need to bring my white board to school and I can’t find mine,” she said.

“Can I take your plastic thingy?” she said, as she waved around one of those clear plastic inserts which go into folders to contain paper documents.

I told her to go ahead.

I watched her as she slipped a piece of paper into the insert, taped shut the open side and slipped it into her bag together with a whiteboard marker.

“Wait. Lulu is that your whiteboard?”

“Yes. I can’t find mine so I made my own.”

* I hope it holds up. I think Miss Chiam means for them to write stuff on it and hold it up 

Ah my little improvisational artiste. She ad-libs when life doesn’t give her what she wants. (maybe because Number 3’s never get what they want!)


Hui Ming said...

she is so innovative!

ylim said...

I love her attitude! At least she tries to solve her own problems without making a fuss...good girl.

Sher said...

yeah.. her usual response to me when I say "wait" or "I'm busy" is: "FINE. I'll do it myself" before she walks off in a huff.

Anonymous said...

Lu is so resourceful! Hope my little girl will be as independent. Just wondering, how would Day and Jo respond when faced with the same situation i.e. missing whiteboard? Or would Jo even be missing her whiteboard in the first place. haha
- Celeste

Sher said...

Day would say forget it and go to school without one, he's quite OK being scolded.
Jo admits herself that she'd never think of making a whiteboard that way, and even if she did, she thinks it's be too lame to bring to school and the teacher would scold her for it. She'd make me procure a whiteboard, by hook or by crook (maybe borrowing one of her siblings) or I'd have to write an explanatory email to the teacher on why Jody has no whiteboard (ie that it's mum's fault). She'd also be very very upset, even with e-mail...

Saroette said...


I hope my trio is as resourceful as ur little Lu!

Anonymous said...

Hey sher, thanks for the reply! I'm totally like Day, but hope my lil girl who's just turned 1 will grow up to be a mix of your Jo and Lu - both conscientious and resourceful :)