Tuesday, September 27, 2016

coping devices

In the lead-up to the PSLE. For Day.

Enough sleep. This is crucial for Day. 930pm if possible.

Exercise. Some cycling, playing badminton with Kaofu Choon, perks him up.

Medicated oil. He discovered he likes "feng you" because it helped get rid of his headaches, on the rare occasion he got them.

Pills. Someone asked what sort of pills he was eating. This isn’t something Choon would approve of, the dietitian is very much against these supplements. But as my folks and a few other oldies I know have been eating stuff from this multi-level marketing company for years and they all seem terribly healthy and energetic for their age, and since I’ve started on it too, I let Day have it. It seems to work, is the best I can say.

* Feng you and pills

Lack of interference. Good or bad, I don't know, but I don't interfere or nag much, while KK is far too busy with his own studying (he never seems to stop studying) to do anything more than say, "Look, Papa is studying hard too, let's study together!"

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