Sunday, September 25, 2016

friendly neighbours

As Xueying herself puts it, we were colleagues in the newspaper over 15 years ago and now she’s become my neighbor! Life is so… circular.

* Girls, Xueying and Kei An on an outing to Gardens by the Bay

Some time ago, I saw that a unit in our estate was up for sale and I immediately let her know. She and Kelvin were looking for something in the vicinity. Something old and charming. They bought it. While they were based in Hongkong, the unit remained occupied by the waiters working in the nearby Indian restaurant, who were renting it.

Now they are back and staying in the newly-renovated pad. Xueying has even got Jo's mobile phone number and Whatsapps Jo - whom she has literally seen growing up! - when necessary.

The best thing? Baby Kei An!



Of late, since the sleepover, the girls have not been getting along so well with Liyen, who has grown up and whom they think is no longer cute for some strange reason. Sometimes they spend an entire day at Liyen’s without speaking or playing much.

Kei An is the New Baby and they are thrilled. The first time we went over, Kelvin put his gleaming kitchen in use for the first time and cooked us a scrumptious omelette. Day whispered to me as he inhaled it all – “This is much better than anything you cook, Mama.”


The girls love gazing at and squishing fleshy little Kei An, and I think the bub loves having the girls around. The girls also love to, erm, read Kei An’s books and play with Kei An’s toys. They also like going over because it’s nice and clean and stylish – “our house is so disgusting Mama, so dirty” says Jo – and there’s central air-conditioning.

* In Kei An's playroom

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