Tuesday, September 06, 2016

girls organise playdate

Jo had a playdate with her best friends, one afternoon between 12pm and 6pm. This is what struck me.

* Keun Min, Celina, Emma, Emilyn

* These girls planned the date, via their Whatsapp “Best Friends” chat group, for over a month or maybe more, right down to the schedule. They knew what they were going to do, in order: Lunch, bake a cake, swim, and play in between. Then as the date drew near, they reveled in counting down the days – on Whatsapp again, through messages like “10 more days, I’m so excited I can’t wait!”. The night before, one of the girls started counting down the hours. Day's outings usually happen after school; when he rushes up to me to declare "I'm going out with XX to YY, not going home with you."

* Korean lunch with sushi

* All siblings were left out, meaning Lu was left out. Lu really wanted to go, she really, really wanted to. But Jo, in what is possibly the first time she has purposefully detached herself from Lu, said sagely, “Lulu, you need to find your own friends. (I need to bold this because ... it really is a huge shift) XX’s younger sister wanted to go too, but I don’t think I’ll like it very much so I know how my friends would feel if you went”. Gulp. Lu was heartbroken. “But I don’t like my friends, mama! I don’t have good friends to make playdates with!”

* Nobody played video or computer games. Honestly, after witnessing Day’s “glazed-eyes”outings for so many years where all the boys huddle over their screens, it was a revelation to discover that the girls only took out their mobiles when they needed to refer to a Youtube video of how to use the Popin’ Cookin’ set, and to take photos. Otherwise, it was all productive, tech-free fun. 

* There was a lot of sugar. These girls really liked their sweet stuff. The baked chocolate brownie cake was sliced and each girl piled up her own piece with an assortment of whipped cream, fondant creatures, marshmallows and icing sugar. All at the same time. But at least they ate. Boys don't even eat.


* Jo's slice

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