Wednesday, September 14, 2016

lantern walk

We still do this, thankfully.

Delightfully, there is no haze this year and the moon is as round and bright as can be. (The kids all ask - What rabbit? What rabbit, Mama?! – when I point out there’s a rabbit in the moon. Goodness, can’t they see it?)

* Bright moon in the middle 

The kid’s school give them a lantern which is a really funny thing, like a round Japanese paper lantern with foam paper cut-outs with double-sided tape behind, which they can stick onto the lantern to make animal faces. It’s got a small bulb powered by a battery and after carrying it for a few minutes, Jo tosses it aside.

“I don’t like this light Mama, it’s ugly. It’s not nice like the light from the candles.”

I didn’t say it, but I agree. (But I end up carrying her discard)


What is Lantern Festival without fire and burning lanterns? (yes one did burn off this year, reduced to a charred black pile of ash)

Day, once again the official fire starter and lantern lighter, grips a candle and prays for good PSLE results.


For the first time, Choon joins us too. He makes it back in time from his exhaustively long working day. Long working hours are a Singapore thing which he now has to endure.


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