Sunday, September 04, 2016

por por’s 70

This is a big one. Por Por is now a septuagenarian. She’s turned 70.

* Seven candles!

I wanted to do a big party for her.

There would certainly be plenty of supporters and guests, young musicians whom she had befriended and nurtured for the 20 years when she managed the orchestra. One of them very excitedly told me a few months ago that he was on standby and would be all ready to mobilize a troop of fellow orchestra members to organize a big bash for Mrs Wong.

Another reason why I wanted to do one is because I’ve been working on a book about funerals and I think it’s quite stupid for people to say all sorts of nice things only when a person is dead. It should be said while the person is alive and healthy, isn’t it? Then they could hear and even give a toast to their own “eulogy”!

But no. She is dead set against a party.

The thought of being in the limelight, for both her and my father, is very uncomfortable indeed. They vehemently protest: We’re inconveniencing people, we don’t want to take centrestage, and my father incredibly says – I don’t want to remember my age. (this when I threaten to organize a 80th birthday bash for him next year)

OK… one has to respect one’s elders. (Although I really wonder how much they would actually mind if I were to spring a surprise)

So Por Por has lots of mini eating celebrations with different groups of people. Her colleagues, her family, us.

* The family (her generation)

* Birthday buns

* The family (our generation) at Canton Paradise

* Her descendents at home

* Helper Jai, who is very much a part of the family

This year is special, though, even though we don't have a big bash. She might possibly have gotten the biggest present of all, one she has been waiting over a decade for.

* With Phoebe, who gave the sunflowers to Por Por


Anonymous said...

Congrats! When's the big day :P
- long-time reader, Celeste

Mummy Ghin said...

Congratulations! That must be the best birthday gift ever! Mrs Wong looks genuinely pleased. My children recognises her from school by the way. :)

Sher said...

your CHILD is in my mum's school??

big day: not so soon la..

Mummy Ghin said...

Yup 2 of them are in the same school now. Mrs Wong taught my older one music 2 years ago. :)

Ling Dawn said...

finally get to see the much talked about Phoebe! :) Nice nice!