Thursday, September 08, 2016

sister night chats


I go into the girl’s room at 1.30am to turn off the air-conditioner and turn on the fan. I hear a noise. Horrors, they’re still awake. After having been put to bed hours ago.

They’re both in Lulu’s bed and are trying very hard not to giggle. I’m really not amused.

Me: What is happening, girls?

Lu: We’re talking, mama.

Jo: Ya, Lulu wanted me to sleep with her and we’re talking about stuff.

Now I’m curious. I put aside the time for the moment. Talking about what, I ask.

Lu: Oh we’re just pretending. It’s so nice to have a sister. I don’t want a sucky brother like David who drools in my bed. Go away, Mama.

Now I’m piqued. They refuse to tell me what they talked about.

But I did have something to confess to them, outright. I've thought it, but I don't think I've ever told them: Girls, I wish I had a sister.

They console me: Oh, it’s not your fault, mama. It’s Por Por’s fault. But if you had a sister, she might be called Shereen! Or Jermaine!

(They’re not always loving. Theirs is a love-hate relationship. I’d just rather not blog about the hate part. Their feet also don't look very clean...)


Ondine said...

I don't mind being your sister.

Sher said...

awww!! i wish!!