Friday, September 16, 2016

weighty bags

I thought I’d weigh their bags, just for fun. Maybe in future kids won’t have to carry books to school and this will be a record of the “good old days”. Or the bad old days.

These are their bags.


Lu: 2.7 kg (13 percent of her 20.4 kg body weight)
Jo: 6.1 kg (22 percent of her 28.3 kg)
Day: 8.6 kg (26 percent of his 33.3 kg)

According to a medical website, the maximum a child should carry is 15 percent of his body weight.

There are lockers in school where the kids can put their bag contents.

Why don’t my kids use them?

Day says, “It gets messy”. What he means is, he’ll forget what he put inside and sometimes he may leave his homework in there and forget to bring it home. In other words, he's not able to keep track of work that is split in two places.

Jo says, “Erm I’m afraid it’ll get stolen”. I THINK she’s kidding.
(EDIT: Jo says she didn't say that. What she means is: “I don't want everything to be in different places because its very messy and whatever.")

* Day's bag content


Anonymous said...

I totally understand where Day is coming from. When I was in school, I bring all my books rather than pack according to the timetable because I'm scared I'll forget something. It's easier to have everything in one place, than to have some at home, some in the locker etc.

Sher said...

Yes so its only the organised who can leverage on the help available... seems true for many things in life!!

KK said...

He is like his papa.

Sher said...