Friday, October 21, 2016


Lu has become the first kid in this family to get attached to a non-living thing. I didn't think it was likely, but its happened.

We sometimes hang around Kinokuniya at Liang Court and every time we go, Lu comes away determined to buy something from the soft toy section. There’s something about the soft round Japanese toys with the tiny eyes and noses and mouths which melts her heart.

A few months ago, she got really fed up with our consistent rejections to buy her a toy. She grabbed her wallet, still stuffed with the angbao proceeds from Chinese New Year, and ordered us to bring her to Kino. There, she – and Jo too, who must do what Lu does – picked up matching plushies.

* Lu's left, Jo's right

* Jo's with the patches and longer tail

The big difference is, while Jo places her plushie on her bed and strives not to touch it (because she doesn’t want grubby hands and dirt sullying the toy), Lu has adopted BB like a child.


* Jo's plushie, top right hand corner, with the rest of Jo's brood

Full name, Marshmallow. Pet name BB. Chinese name 花糖 (because Marshmallow in Chinese is 棉花糖

She cradles BB (cute way of saying Baby) in her arms as she coos, "I love BB so much". She brings BB everywhere with her, tucked into her haversack with its head pointing up, because she wants BB to be able to see the world. 


She routinely strokes BB, loves throwing BB up into the air and catching her. BB appears in almost all of her posed photos, like here and here and here, as Lu makes sure to take BB out and hold her up. BB is a member of her family, and a very attractive one too because every time she takes it out in public, kids (and some adults) stare.

One time she thought she left BB in the library, she completely freaked out, bursting into tears and railing about possibly dishonest people who would steal BB and bring her home. Now the one thing I cannot say no to is a genuine bout of tears (which is why, as Jo would accuse me, Lu always gets her way).

I mentally re-traced where we went the entire day, and after a call to Gong Gong and Por Por’s home ascertained that BB wasn’t in the library but safely at their home. Telling Lu that BB was found was singularly satisfying, as sunshine lit up her face, cleared up the tears and she happily went to sleep in peace, secure in the knowledge that she could claim BB the next day.

Another time we brought BB to Auntie Xueying’s for a wash (because they have a good washing machine and dryer which is soft toy-friendly), Lu sat in front of the machine for a good long time to watch BB being tossed about, as she lamented, "BB is going to be so nauseous, oh no, BB is going at 1,200 rounds per minute!" while Jo intoned in accompanying harmony, "BB is being murdered. You are so cruel." We the adults kept responding, "No no BB is having fun in a roller coaster! She's having the time of her life!"

* Watching BB tumble

* BB out of the washing machine, before it goes in the dryer


ZF said...

Aw...she is mum-material. :)

Sher said...

she does talk abt wat she'd do if she were a mum. that was the height of my ambition too, to be a housewife and mum.