Saturday, October 15, 2016

best teacher

Now, I tell Day, is the time to thank all the teachers who have helped him. He didn’t prepare anything during Teacher’s Day, as he was in the thick of exam prep, but now he has lots of time and it will probably be nicer for the teachers to get something nice during the off-season.

I ask him: Who do you think is the best teacher you ever had in your six years in school?

Day: Mr XX.


He taught us PE and Maths, and he really knew what he was doing. He got me to understand the Maths questions that were given to me, and gave me a lot of homework which helped me. He also promised us that we could have PE every day after our second semester exams, which we did.

(Seems that what Day treasures most is not the nicey-nicey teachers, but a teacher who keeps his promises, is firm, and a slave-driver. Who drives him with a clear goal in mind, of course.)

I say to Jo, well then I hope you get Mr XX too.

Jo snaps straightaway: So you want me to have so much Maths homework I’ll sleep late every night then I’ll get cancer from stress and die is it? Is that what you want?

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