Monday, October 31, 2016

big splash no more


Really, it died a long time ago and was dreadfully and un-imaginatively re-used by a number of individual tenants which came and went. Even then, the final nail in the Big Splash coffin has just been nailed down, as all the tenants have until the end of November to move out for re-development. Sushi Tei and Starbucks being amongst the last, I believe.

The children will never know Big Splash the way we did. It was such an exciting place to go, from the terror of the salty wave pool to a young me, to the thrill of whee-ing down the slides at an older age. Till this day I remember the hard occasionally painful uneven humps on the rainbow-coloured concrete lower slide (not the thrilling slides but a shorter one for lame kids like me), the rubber tubes you could go floating round in, and scampering up the steps to the top of the grown-up slides to await my turn. And I think there were warm fishballs to be had after all the playing.

What the kids will remember is nothing special, but mostly that gym was there. It was where Jo and Day, before he quit, went for their weekly gym classes.

* Jo on the steps leading up to the gym

It will mean more to Lu, for I usually spent two hours with her hanging around the area, and this started when she was aged five as it was when gym started.

She will either hit 7-11 and beg for some strange new combination of chemical (sweets), or we’d go to Starbucks for a slice of cake, where we’d ask for two cups of water and she’d sit down with some work she’s brought along.

* Learning her ting xie, back in January

Then we’d go for a long walk along the beach to the jetty, either on foot or skate-scooter, where she has a good qualitative dose of nature (qualitative meaning I’m there with all the time in the world to explain to her why seeds and leaves and such look the way they do) ending up with sand-play. These pockets of time, and this area of the beach, are also where she honed her cycling.

* What will happen to the rooster trio?

* Lu and me at the jetty



Then we go back to get Day and Jo, two hours later. Sometimes, we head to over-priced Crab in da Bag for dinner.

*Crab in da Bag on the right

With the move of the gym to someplace else, we bid farewell to this very treasured bit of our mother-daughter relationship.


francesca said...

That's part of my childhood memories as well :) there used to be a big splash (smaller version than the ecp one) at the western part of Singapore as well.

chenchen said...

Oh no! It was an important part of my childhood memory and I can't believe it's closing during the one year where we are temporarily living in America. Thanks for the photos - they will make good memories of the place.